Back to the Grindstone: Typesetting.

So now that I’ve finished a task so monumental as the mural, I now have to continue on to my other projects, equally as monumental, though not as grand an artistic venture.  Yes, my next task is typesetting.

So, the big question people are asking is “what is typesetting?”  I’ll attempt to define:  Typesetting is the process of setting type.  Ok, that’s great. Good ol’ wikipedia says “Typesetting is the composition of text material by means of types.”  That sounds smart, I’ll believe it.  Historically I would be arranging movable type by hand, rolling ink, and creating prints.  (I would suggest anyone who is interested in letterpress, history of typography, type, and the like to watch the documentary film Helvetica, it’s fantastic).

In the digital age, all typesetting implies for me is to be InDesign savvy, and know how to follow guidelines.  I’m working with a Christian organization who’s given me a teen periodical set in Russian, to be set in the English translation.  While this sounds dull and uninteresting to some, I’m completely thrilled.  To begin, this is my first ‘real’ paying job for any client or organization other than say, my grandmother.  I’ve had work before, but my clients have typically been a single person looking for something lovely for their wall.  While that is wonderful, lately I’ve fancied myself to be more of a commercial artist, rather than a fine artist, or something of a blend of the two.  This outlook requires heinous amounts of work, with thus far little outcome.  But I’m almost there.  This project is that crucial first step.

So here I am, back at the grindstone, and perfectly happy to be working so hard.  For all of you out there who pray, please pray that this will turn into something for me.  I’m sure many of you know what it’s like to work so hard after something and not be sure of it’s reward.  Even in my early twenties I sometimes feel like I don’t have enough time left to be truly great at what I do.  But as my art professor would tell us, God is the one who is great, and he stoops down from His glory to make us great.  So I guess I’ll have to leave greatness up to God, and just keep going, loving what I do.

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  1. you are so amazingly talented!!! and…I miss you like crazy!!!


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