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We’re home.  At least home for now.  I’m learning the definition of ‘home’ becomes more and more loose as I grow older.  Home used to be the place where my parents and brother resided, with my friends and grandparents nearby.  Then as I moved away to college I became more accustom to my material possessions as the […]

Goodbye Florida!

Two hours.  That is all the time left that I have to soak up the immense sunshine and balmy winds of Florida.  At 5:30 my husband will be home from work and we start the mad rush of packing the truck.  We’ve rented a Penske truck, 16′ with a car trailer.  Last night we looked wearily […]

Hopes, Dreams, and Packing up the Apartment.

It’s been much too long, however my life has been so eventful I haven’t been able to summarize the details into a simple blog post.  I will sum up the details in a few words from my last post to this one: Typesetting. Avett Brothers. Tears. Editing. Job Search. More tears. Interview for Job. Excitement. […]