Robert and Ellie walking on the Monon Trail.

We’re home.  At least home for now.  I’m learning the definition of ‘home’ becomes more and more loose as I grow older.  Home used to be the place where my parents and brother resided, with my friends and grandparents nearby.  Then as I moved away to college I became more accustom to my material possessions as the constant in the different places I’d resided.  However, the frequency of my moving from place to place now challenges my belief that home is simply a place where your belongings reside, or even where particular people live.  In the past decade, I’ve lived with many different people, and all have greatly affected my view of ‘home.’

When we were dating my husband and I used to say that “home is wherever you are.”   And to that I heartily agree.  However, I haven’t always been married.  This leads me to believe that home is a steadily evolving thing.  Something that starts small and grows bigger, reaching its zenith in our final home in heaven.  Because of this, my perception of  home has become a greater thing, and more precious with each passing year.  However, this ‘home’ has less to do with where I am or what I have, or even who I am with.  The things and the people in the past and present make this life rich, but my anticipation of finally being with my Father, makes my heaven ‘home’ a real and tangible thing.

There are times I ask myself why God put His children here on earth, if  we could avoid temporary pain be with Him in heaven now.  Perhaps one of the many answers to that question is that He wants us to long for home. He wants our desire for home to be born out of experience.  I do admit, however, I am not always longing for it.  Most times I am so entrenched in the ordinary that I forget to acknowledge the very reasons why I got out of bed.  The sickness of boredom and dullness creep into my bones, and I accept them as a way of life.  But the goodness of God never fails to remind me of home and leaves me believing there’s a land that lies beyond all the things that we have seen.

The conmbination of friends, family, and loved ones so dear I don’t want to imagine life without them, and my present surroundings give only a vague shadow of what is to come.  I will change, and the people and things around me will change, but the goodness of God and the hope of my ‘heaven home’ always make the present place I’m residing my dearest home.  So I’m unpacking my bags again, in a different city, with different faces, but I know I will never really leave my home.

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