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One more way to change lives

A few months ago my cousin Jaime Frimpong and I were talking on the phone. She lives with her husband Kofi in Knoxville, Tennessee and is earning her masters in social work.   We like to catch up now and then, as we’ve been life-long friends, literally since infancy.  (I have photos to prove it.) […]

Don’t take no for an answer, and leave no prisoners behind!

“Don’t take no for an answer, and leave no prisoners behind!” I was in need of a battle cry, and I found one.  These words were written to me yesterday in an email from a friend, probably in jest. However I found myself shocked at the weight that they carried throughout my day. My first […]

The Art of Concepting

In the past few months I’ve been developing the art of concepting, and slowly the time between when I start a project and when it’s completed is begining to shorten. In college I’d start to panic when I narrowed in on 3 days before a project was due. Now there are times I’m given a project […]

My Second Wind

So, it’s time to begin again, and there is nothing like getting a second wind!  I have some great ideas for future projects (stay tuned) and have lots of design work loaded on my plate to keep me motivated for a long time! Just a quick update of what I’ve been doing since my last […]