Don’t take no for an answer, and leave no prisoners behind!

“Don’t take no for an answer, and leave no prisoners behind!”

I was in need of a battle cry, and I found one.  These words were written to me yesterday in an email from a friend, probably in jest. However I found myself shocked at the weight that they carried throughout my day. My first thoughts were myself as a bloodthirstily pirate, brave beyond my years, and merciless to anyone who crosses me.  I go about pillaging and plundering like a rogue, burning the villages and taking no prisoners.  Boiling, slashing, and burning with red-hot ambition!

Traditionally I am considerate to a fault.  Soft around the edges, and obliging in every respect.  I’d rather be uncomfortable myself than make anyone else around me uncomfortable.  I’m rather like my father, who is that way himself.  However, also like my father, a true McDonald scottsman, I am deep down a scotts-woman with blood redder than a boiled lobster.  My McDonald  determination is raging inside me, ready to be fully realized.  Here I go!  Village people, close your shutters, dogs you must cower with your tails tucked! Look out world, here I come, and I’m not taking no for an answer!

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  1. Grandma McDonald

     /  April 21, 2011

    Some how, I missed this post, but you go girl…the world is at your feet, and you can do it.

    Love ‘ya!!


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