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IF: Gesture

  A few months ago my friend Heidi Beaver and I agreed to read a children’s book together and then illustrate from it.  She chose a childhood favorite from her grandmother’s shelf: Miss Bianca Goes to the Orient, by Margery Sharp.  (Yes, the very same Miss Bianca from Disney’s The Rescuers, and The Rescuers Down […]

Monster Cookies

As devastated as I was that I missed my deadline for last week’s Illustration Friday, I decided to complete my vision for ‘remedy’ and finish painting it!  I’ve now posted it to They Draw and Cook.  (I’m really getting hungry for some cookies now!)  Hope you enjoy!

IF: Stay

This week’s Illustration Friday word is ‘stay.’  After visiting San Diego last year, my husband and I tossed around the idea of visiting the Northwest region like Oregon, Washington, and Northern California.  Before every vacation, I like to imagine what our stay might be like.  Not only do I think about the places we’ll go, […]

IF: Remedy

It’s Friday again!  That means another concept for Illustration Friday!  I’m sad to say, however, I missed my deadline for the Illustration Friday Website… apparently Friday noon is not when everything is due.  From here on out, I’ll get it posted Thursday night. Regardless, I will share my concept for my Thotful followers!  Here is a black and white comp of my […]

Firecracker 6

Recently I finished up a very patriotic project that is a lot of fun to see all over town!  I designed this year’s logo for Firecracker 6. The Firecracker 6 is a six mile race held every 4th of July, in downtown Indianapolis.  It was spectacular to be involved with such a great community event, […]