The Harbinger of Spring





With the sky blue and the temperature tolerable outside, I sat with my coffee next to an open window this morning at breakfast. I listened to the bird’s chorus outside.  There’s something deeply comforting about the promise of spring after a winter that has been a bit too long.  It’s like waking up yawing, stretching, and feeling refreshed.  Just as I’m ready for this long winter to be over and anticipating the spring, I’m also rejoicing in the new changes coming in my life.  And today, that starts with art.

One of my main pursuits of 2014 is to find and use new Photoshop brushes with the aim of simulating my traditional style.  Up until now, I’ve used a lot of generic brushes out of necessity (speed) and to simply get used to drawing on the computer.  With more concentrated time and an intentional focus, I’ve been able to unearth a few goodies.  Finally a few pencil-like lines and some white gesso brushes!  I’m getting excited about what I’ll be able to do with this!

I hope to post some more adventures in brushes soon!  Until then, be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

(subtle nod to Garrison Keillor)

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