Mr. and Mrs. Shrew-Complete!

It’s an unwritten goal of mine to paint at least one traditional illustration each year.  While this painting was actually completed in the wee early days of 2014, I still count it towards fulfilling my 2013 year-end goals. Moreover, I am pleased with the timing of this picture because mountains of snow hem my husband […]

Mr. and Mrs. Shrew Sneak-Peek!

  In honor of the first blanket of snow to cover the ground this season, I’d like to share progress on what might be the coziest painting I’ve ever worked on.  It’s about 60% complete, and I’m painting it in my favorite traditional medium, gouache.  I’m also taking a bit of a different approach than normal […]

Illustration Friday – Underwater

Back on the Illustration Friday challenge!  This week’s word: Underwater. I’m playing texture and depth in my digital work. Over the past few years I have been dedicated to the task of meeting some financial goals for my family.  While I’m blessed to be illustrating and designing almost full time, I’ve put speed and efficiency […]

Starting a New Project with a Client: My Communication Essentials

Recently I was asked an interesting question by a friend who coaches small business owners. She asked me and a few other artists what we need from clients when we start a new project with them. This got my wheels turning a bit.  As I’ve been freelancing for about a year and a half, and working as […]

Thankful for Thotful

This morning I woke early to be a guest speaker in my friend’s high school drawing class.  With Starbucks in hand (liquid courage) and a stack of my freshly printed books and portfolios, I headed off to what I hope is the first of many opportunities to encourage up-and-coming artists about the joys of a […]

Paintings for the Advent Season

This year I made a festive contribution to my church in the form of 5 Advent paintings.  Each week leading up to Christmas, the church revealed a new painting, telling a bit of the story leading up to Christ’s miraculous birth.  These whimsical paintings each come with a bit of hand-written scripture which inspired each […]

Meet Fatima and Fumo

Fatima and Fumo

My latest project is inviting some exciting new challenges in character design!  A quick project overview: my client, a humanitarian aid group working in the Central African Republic, asked me to illustrate and design a book that teaches children how avoid getting worms.  According to research, worms is a plight that effects 40% of all […]

Illustration Friday: Influence


This week’s Illustration Friday word is ‘influence.’ With this in mind, I chose the classic subject of a flower to demonstrate how light and reflection influence an object.  This image is a festival of jewel tones spotted by the eye of my artist friend, Heidi (also mentioned in my post, IF: Gesture) on her recent […]

Illustration Friday: Swell

The good news is, I didn’t give up on Illustration Friday!  I’ve had a busy spell these past few weeks, but I can’t complain about the influx of work—as a freelancer, that’s great news!  However, things have slowed down these past few days as I wait to hear back from clients.  What better time then […]

More logo problem solving!

Celebrating 10 Logo

The name of the game is keeping busy right now, and my docket is full of new and exciting work!  I’ve enjoyed some brand new design horizons, and revisited some familiar projects.  Most notably, I’ve been designing smartphone apps.  I should have some examples I’m approved to post shortly. A more recent logo project I’ve completed was […]