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Illustration Friday – Underwater

Back on the Illustration Friday challenge!  This week’s word: Underwater. I’m playing texture and depth in my digital work. Over the past few years I have been dedicated to the task of meeting some financial goals for my family.  While I’m blessed to be illustrating and designing almost full time, I’ve put speed and efficiency […]

Zoos and Libraries

Some of the exercises I do to keep my work fresh are to simply copy images out of books and magazines I might have laying about.  I went to the library and raided the children’s section to give me a stack of fresh material to work from.  Simply using the internet for reference tends to […]

Surprising Myself

I’ve learned that the most elemental part of creativity is surprising myself.  Creativity means staying fascinated by what comes from my brush, and motivated by the curiosity I have in what may happen next.  Some driving forces for my art are books and movies that inspire me.  Even the occasional dinner recipe or interesting day […]